kristen_smallcrop_optimizedFREE HORN BASICS INFORMATION for Beginners with Advanced Topics as well! Includes Horn angle, a very easy adjustment that can make a huge difference.

FREE SOLOS for Horn, Trumpet, Clarinet, or Oboe! Includes Venture on 16th St., a FUN piece that also is a great tool to learn all the basic 16th note rhythms! More Solos coming soon for purchase and for free.  Listen to a recording of it as well.

SUMMER HORN LESSONS with Kristen Bowers (limited openings in the school year) in person or by Skype.

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KRISTEN BOWERS is an active professional Horn player (French Horn) in Nashville, TN. She is a sought after teacher with a studio of 55 students. She’s had an average of 10 students a year in midstate band for the last six years, and many students in All-State, Governors School, and recipients of college scholarships. She writes solos from beginner to professional level with a knack for writing engaging middle school pieces.  Her bio is here.

Sitting position/Horn angle can make a HUGE difference with an EASY ADJUSTMENT! Even experienced players can add a note of two to their range and/or play more accurately by a simple change. If the angle is bad enough, usually due to improper sitting position, it can make it almost impossible to play with a correct embouchure. I’ve seen students correct their angle and play four scale notes higher, easier and with a better sound, right away.

Having a good Embouchure, the position you hold your mouth in to play, is very important.  A bad embouchure can mean years of struggle or a cause of quitting altogether, while a good embouchure sets a player up for success. Basic guidelines.

Here are some general principles for a better Tone, especially if a player is getting a closed off, “nasal” sound.

Getting clear Tonguing helps everything we play sound better. It generally works best for our tonguing position to change with our range. It’s usually not difficult to change “fuzzy tonguing” to clear tonguing.

If you are a band director or private teacher trying to pick students most likely to succeed on the horn, Choosing Beginner Horn Players can help.  It is hugely important that horn players have a good sense of pitch. I have students repeat back some lines I have sung to them. Horn is a more difficult instrument than others but can be very rewarding!

SUMMER LESSONS: Online information is helpful, but having private lessons can lift your playing to new levels and help you progress more quickly!  Even one or two lessons can establish good basics, making a big difference in your playing the rest of the time you play the horn. Mrs. Bowers is a skillful and encouraging teacher with reasonable rates. Summer lessons are held at her home near Harding and I-24 as well as in Bellevue at students’ houses and possibly in Franklin. Also, Skype lessons are available and have worked well for many people. Summer lessons (click on the link) are a great way to make progress on the horn!

Kristen Bowers can be contacted at [email protected] or (615)429-6538

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